The Experience

Reservation Desk

The reservation desk is our first impression,  your stop at the beginning and end of every salon experience. The front desk is headquarters for introducing new and regular clients to a stylist, product, and general salon offerings. Call or visit the salon to speak with the front desk staff and introduce you to a personalized hair care specialist for a beautiful transformation.

The Experience

Stylist Station

The stylist station is more than just a cutting chair. This is where the real magic happens. Each stylist shares knowledge and experience with their guest. As a client, you have your own separate and distinct style that is addressed throughout your visit. The how-to’s, the do’s, the don’ts begin with product and tool knowledge!

The Experience

The Wash House

The wash house gives you the opportunity to enjoy a spa-like experience versus just a simple hair cut. Besides your shampoo, you can indulge in Pau Mitchell add-on conditioning treatments, clarifying scrubs, or moisture packed shampoo. Think of the Wash House as a mini spa retreat in a bottle.

The Experience

The Color Bar

Our wall of color invokes chemical beauty that cannot be mustered at home. The color bar is loaded with endless possibility. Find an altogether new look or match your already discovered style. With options of demi-permanent, semi-permanent, or full on permanent color, all Paul Mitchell color is low ammonia dye with natural conditioners for vibrant, healthy, long lasting color.

The Experience

Take Home

Our Take Home area is loaded with products you may incorporate at home in your daily hair routine. If you have prior knowledge of some of your favorite styling products, this makes for a quick and easy find. With many features as well as benefits to each product there is always more to know. Product knowledge is key to both setting and putting a hold on your style.  

The Experience

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